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Along with all of our neighbours, we are responsible for continuing to make our neighbourhood a safer, more friendly and pleasant place to live.

One of the most important things we as members can do is to look out for anything happening in our neighbourhood that seems suspicious or unusual and then report it to police. Some things you see may help the police to solve or prevent a crime – and stop someone becoming a victim. The role of Neighbourhood Watch is to help reduce fear and opportunity of crime through the education of citizens on how to protect themselves, their property, their families, and their neighbourhood.

By displaying the Neighbourhood Watch window sticker on any point of entry, you are informing a potential burglar that they may be watched.

The basic concept of Neighbourhood Watch is that of being a good Neighbour. A number of neighbours decide it is time to get together as a group and assist the police in combating crime in their neighbourhood. If we all keep our eyes and ears open, we could virtually end crime in our community. It does not take much time.

Are you aware that most break and enters occurring during the day? If you are at work, you could depend on your neighbours to alert the police if there is a suspicious person on your property.


  1. To encourage neighbours to assist and co-operate with each other and the police in order to reduce crime.
  2. To provide public education to the community on crime prevention and public safety.
  3. To promote a communication link between the community and police.


The concept dates back to Detroit in the 1970s. From there it was set up as a crime prevention program in the Waterloo Region by our local police force in 1981, but due to lack of human resources, the program could not be maintained. In late 1989, the groundwork for the present Neighbourhood Watch organization began, with the first membership list collected in early 1990. This new Neighbourhood Watch program started in the North Division as an independent civilian organization working in partnership with the Waterloo Regional Police Service.