Calling The Police

Calling The PoliceImportant Observations To Provide To The Operator

If your call is a police matter, the police dispatcher will ask you several important questions about the incident:

  • WHAT is your name, address, phone no.?
  • WHEN did this happen?
  • WHAT is happening now?
  • WHERE is it happening?
  • WHY?
  • WHO is involved?

Describe the suspect(s) – (sex, age, hair, colour, height, weight, scars, marks, tattoos, clothing, jewellery, etc.)

Are there WEAPONS involved?

Did anyone receive injuries?

Describe any vehicle involved (licence plate number, colour, make additional description, number of persons inside the vehicle, and direction of travel)

How Will My Call Be Handled By The 911 Call Taker

When you call 911 to report an emergency remain calm and speak clearly. The call taker will ask you what type of emergency you have e.g. Police, fire or ambulance.

What Should I Teach My Family About Calling 911?

Teach Your Child(ren):

  • What an emergency is and when to call 911. (Fire, serious injury, crime in progress)
  • To not be afraid to call 911 even if there is some doubt as to whether they should.
  • That it is against the law to call 911 as a joke or prank.
  • Your address and phone number (keep posted by all phones just in case)
  • The name and phone number of a neighbour, family friend or relative.
  • The name of your employer and phone number.
  • To stay on the phone line and answer the call taker’s questions.
  • That as soon as they dial 911 from a land line (regular phone) police is aware of the location they are calling from and are responding to that location. If they are calling from a cell phone, they will have to provide their location.

When Should I Call 911?

911 is for Emergencies ONLY!

An emergency is any situation where:

  • there is a crime in progress
  • there is a serious medical condition or injury where you feel immediate response is necessary
  • there is a fire
  • there is a major environmental concern (i.e. gas leak)

Non-Emergency Police

In a non-emergency situation where police response is NOT required immediately, (e.g.: crimes not in progress, lost or found articles, advice, noise complaint, parking complaint, etc.) CALL:

  • 519-653-7700 in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge
  • 519-570-3000 in all rural/township areas
  • 519-650-8500 if you know the extension