Neighbourhood Watch Message

Telephone Fraud

This is a message from Waterloo Regional Neighbourhood Watch.

Waterloo Regional Police are urging residents to be wary of telephone scams after a recent rash of “emergency scam” reports.

The so-called emergency scam is a set-up in which fraudsters call random people and usually have the last name of the person they call.

Con artists often pretend to be the child or grandchild of the intended victim, but may pretend to be a police officer, lawyer or government official from another country or province.

Fraudsters subject victims to high-pressure tactics, hoping to send victims into a panic to defraud them of money. Victims are often told to immediately wire or transfer money to facilitate the release of a family member from custody.

Don’t be a victim:

  • Before transferring money, ask the individual a question to which only your family member would know the answer.
  • Never give personal information or credit card information to an unknown source.
  • Stop a telephone scam by simply hanging up.
  • Confirm with family, police or your bank before transferring any funds.

Police would like to remind the public to report any suspicious activity. Anyone with information is asked to call Waterloo Regional Police at 519-653-7700 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.