Safety Tips For VehiclesSafety Tips For Vehicles

In Canada, about 535 motor vehicles per 100,000 people are stolen each year. About 70% of stolen cars are eventually recovered, some of them in damaged condition.

Lock it Up

Although locking your car cannot guarantee it will never be stolen, you’ll certainly deter a thief. Getting into this habit will provide added security.

Watch Where You Park

Park on a busy, well-lit street, or if you’re in a parking lot, look for an active area that is well illuminated. The thief probably doesn’t know who owns the car, so he’ll stay away when anyone’s near it.

Avoid parking lots where you are required to leave your key.

You may need to walk a little further, but it will be worth it so that you can lock your car. In the situation where you must park in this type of lot, be sure to leave only your ignition key. It is not uncommon that attendants in these lots work together with theft rings. If you leave your trunk key, you could lost everything in your trunk. Furthermore, any other keys you leave could be duplicated. It’s not difficult at all to have copies made. Remember you probably have your house and office keys with your car keys. Through your license plates or registration, a thief can trace where you live and arrange an easy entrance in the future.

Other Situations To Avoid

Prevent having items stolen from inside your car. There are thieves who specialize in this. This group operates in vacation spots and well travelled highways. They let the goods come to them. The usual procedure is to wait at restaurants located on major highways. Often cars full of luggage are parked when the occupants stop to eat. This gives the thief about 30 minutes to an hour for his work. Plenty of time. By applying a tire iron to the window, everything inside the car can be gone in minutes. Even before the owners have put their order in! Had the car been parked in a well-lighted area, this entire situation could have been avoided. Few thieves will ever attempt to steal the contents of a car if the possibility of being seen exists.