Safety Tips For WomenSafety Tips For Women

Some women prefer not to have their full name either in the telephone directory or on their mailbox. Using just the first initial does not make it obvious to a potential attacker that a single woman resides there.

Women should consider whether they really need to carry a handbag. Money and identification is safest in an inside pocket. Remember, the best target for a purse-snatcher is a lady carrying her groceries, with a purse dangling from her arm . . . not dangling from your wrist or wrapped tightly around it. Never set it down on store counters, in shopping carts, or on bus seats.

Carry your purse upside-down, with clasp open, keeping the purse closed but not latched. Do not link your arm through the handles (if it is snatched, when it’s upside down and opened, everything falls out. The criminal is off and running – with an empty purse! All your valuables are scattered within your easy reach, not his.

Why carry a purse at all? Almost every retired person is on a budget – a strict budget. So to avoid temptation – and the potential of loss, leave all your extra money in a safe place (and large sums in the bank) carry only the money you need for each day (plus change for emergency phone calls and funds for an emergency taxi), find a special place to c carry money without a wallet or purse.